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What is Swim Brothers?

Swim Brothers began shortly after an incident involving 8 men on a father-son camping trip lead by Sheikh Jalal Chami - a prominent South-West Sydney imam (to read the full story click here).

The aim for the program is to teach people how to swim efficiently for extended distances, and more important have the skills to ensure our participants have the survival and swimming skills to maintain safety in a range of water conditions.


We also offer our participants the opportunity to further develop their skills by running them through the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) course and Bronze medallion lifesaving course. We also offer them the opportunity to become accredited AUSTSWIM instructors and teach with us.


What are the statistics?

These statistics are from the annual drownings report produced by Royal Lifesaving NSW. Some key findings are summarised below, but the full report can be read here:

  • 248 people lost their life to drowning in Australian Waterways

  • 504 hospitalisations from non-fatal drowning incidents

  • 25-34 year age group recorded the highest number of drowning deaths in NSW

  • Males consistently drown at a rate four times that of females. 

  • Culturally and linguistically diverse communities (CALD) were identified as an at-risk group

  • 24% of drowning occurred at beaches, most commonly away from patrolled areas.

Frequently asked questions

What is Swim Brothers?​

Swim Brothers is an initiative that aims to teach those who can't swim, how to swim, and to improve and refine the technique of those who can swim. The goal is to get all our participants to a minimum threshold of being able to swim 200 meters in under 5 minutes. Achieving this milestone is the minimum requirement in order to register for the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC). The Surf Rescue Certificate is a program run by Surf Life Saving NSW that teaches its participants key surf life rescue skills & beach safety. We have partnered with Surf Lifesaving NSW to deliver the SRC in a culturally & religiously sensitive way. Allowing our participants to reach this level is our goal - as it equips them with the necessary skills to ensure they and their families are safe in a beach setting. It also gives them the tools to teach their loved ones to create generational change!

What does the program include?

Program Details The Swim brothers program includes:

  • 8x weekly training sessions
  • Day: Sunday Mornings
  • Location: Auburn Pools
  • Interactive Beach Program (additional to the 8 weeks)
We have three levels:
  1. Beginners
  2. Pre-SRC
  3. SRC Preparation
We have a defined learning and skill criteria and specific achievable goals for our particiapnts.This ensures both the instructors and participants understand exactly what skills need to be learnt and understood before progressing to the next group. At the completion of the Advanced group, we expect participants to have achieved swimming 200m under 5 minutes, at which they will be eligible to achieve their Surf Rescue Certificate

What are the costs?​

Although we operate as a not-for-profit, there are costs involved to cover the expenses of organising and running the programs. The costs are divided into 2: 1) Registration fee This is a one-time fee payable at the time of registration. The registration fee covers:

  • Progression to advanced groups
  • Administration fees
  • Beach Programs
2) Entry & Instructor Fees This is a fee payable on a weekly basis that covers the cost of entry as well as swim instruction. Please contact us for exact pricing before securing your position below

How do I register?

To register, please click the "register" button located at the bottom of this page and follow the instructions. Alternatively, contact us via email or on facebook to register.

How much can I expect to improve?

We have three groups for different levels of swimmers. Each "term" goes for 8 weeks before progressing to the next group. If you attend ALL your session, The MINIMUM we gaurentee you to progress to is:

1) Beginner group - We will get you to swim at least 15-25m+ 2) Pre-SRC Group - We will get you to swim 25-50m+ 3) SRC Preparation - We will get you to swim 100-200m+ If you have attended all your classes and have not met these goals, the instructors will personally take out time to help you reach them!

What do I bring to my class?

Requirements: 1. The only requirement is goggles 2. Swimming attire 3. A positive attitude! Suggestions: 1. Swimming cap 2. Ear plugs (if prone to ear infections)

When is the next program?

We run throughout the year, and we have spots open up throughout that period. Please contact us at info@fitnessforpurpose.org.au about availabilities to join the program.


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