Beach Program

The beach program is a 3 - 4 hour event in partnership with Surf Lifesaving NSW to teach you important beach safety skills.

It is offered at Cronulla Beach as part of the Swim Brothers learn to swim course (in addition to the 8-week learn to swim classes). The logistics of travel is covered by us via a shuttle bus.

See course details are below:​

Theory component

  1. Learn basic surf rescue skills, first aid, CPR etc..

  2. Learn about rips and how they work

  3. Understand how to progress to achieve life saving qualifications (E.g. Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) & Bronze Medallion)

Practical Component

  1. Life guards demonstrating mock rescues 

  2. Show a rip and how it works in real-time with the use of dye

  3. Opportunity to learn and use rescue equipment e.g. body board

  4. Opportunity to swim in Rock Pool & Beach