About Us

 Fitness for Purpose was establish to provide a community and culturally inclusive response to the inequities in accessing recreational activities in families and young people and respond to the social determinants and related health outcomes. Income, mental health and social isolation are three key barriers to holistic health that we bridge. Our programs are developed to deliver physical and mental health education and promote information for healthy decision making.


A number of indicators of social disadvantage have been linked with physically inactive lifestyles. For example, the likelihood of meeting physical activity recommendations has been shown to increase with education level and household income, and decrease with remoteness and area-level socioeconomic disadvantage in Australian adults (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2013b) people without good social support were five times more likely to have a mental illness than those with good support (The White Hall Study UK).

Participation in recreational groups and socially supported physical activity is shown to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and reduce symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Fitness for Purpose’s multidisciplinary team boast over 10 years of experience in community program delivery, social services, health, management and public policy.